Frequently Asked Questions

  • MeetPro is $200 per year for five activations, meaning you can have MeetPro installed in up to five computers at a time.
  • All features are included, including Cross Country support.
  • All upgrades are included. MeetPro is constantly updated and you are never charged for upgrades.

Licensees can use MeetPro for any meet at any location. There are no restrictions on facility, home team or type of meet.

MeetPro currently supports English and Greek. If you would like to provide translation for your language, please email

If you're new to MeetPro you should use MeetPro2. If you're comfortable with MeetPro1 and would prefer not to switch you can continue to use it.

Yes! MeetPro works with the most popular timing systems, including FinishLynx, Flash Timing, Ipico, FieldLynx, EagleEye, NK2000xc, Time Machine, Chronotrack and others.

Yes! MeetPro imports entries using the same semi-colon delimited format used by every track & field online entry service. MeetPro can also import entries directly from

Yes! MeetPro’s Live Update system can be configured to update results on the web when results are added or scored. Live Update can publish to your own website via FTP or Amazon S3, to MeetPro’s free live results servers or to a directory on your computer. You can also configure Live Update to update a Scoreboard.

Yes! MeetPro supports Daktronics and ResulTV scoreboards and displays and can send results, team scores and start lists to the scoreboards. The Daktronics and ResulTV interfaces are highly configurable. MeetPro can also update your scoreboard automatically when results are entered/ scored.

Yes! MeetPro imports splits from FinishLynx and can include splits in results reports.

Yes! Use MeetPro2 and MeetPro Server to share a database among multiple computers at the same time.

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