MeetPro2 is the latest meet management application from DirectAthletics.

  • Fully compatible with MeetPro1 - the same database files work in both.
  • One license, two applications: Use your existing MeetPro license for MeetPro1 and for MeetPro2.
  • Multi-user: Multiple users can access the same database at the same time with MeetPro2 and MeetPro Server.
  • Faster and more reliable: MeetPro1 users will find MeetPro2 very familar, but much better!
  • Improved PDF Reports

Try it today! Enter your existing MeetPro license when prompted. MeetPro2 comes with a 30 day trial for users new to MeetPro.

Mac Installer  Windows Installer

You can install MeetPro2 without un-installing MeetPro1. Your existing license works for both, and both applications can use the same meet databases interchangeably.

Why Switch to MeetPro2?

  • Faster
  • More reliable
  • Works with MeetPro Server
  • Better PDF reports
  • New features

Why Stick With MeetPro1?

  • You know it
  • You love it
  • Your last meet went great and you don't want to change a thing