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Women's 3000 Meters (HS) Performance List

Performance list tables are available for any event with entries. The event header is an <h3> element and gets class .event-performance-list-hdr. Event notes are printed in a <span class="event-note"> when the Event Note option is selected in the filter. In the case of multi-round events, the advancement formula will be displayed inside an <h4 class="advancement-hdr"> if the Advancement Criteria option is selected. If the event has been scheduled a start time by assigning it to a session, the time will be printed after the round name when the Start Time/Day option is specified. If it is a single round event, start time will receive its own element <h4 class="start-time-hdr">. See the sample start list page for more information.

The following default styles are applied:

.event-results-hdr, .entries-hdr, .event-start-list-hdr, .event-performance-list-hdr {
Athlete Yr. Team Seed
1 Kane, Elizabeth FR Roosevelt 10:38.31
2 Brennan, Sara SO Roosevelt 10:44.16
3 Hurley, Taylor FR Harding 11:04.00
4 Benton, Grace JR Roosevelt 11:04.27
5 Mejia, Eleanor FR Roosevelt 11:08.50
6 Joyce, Celia FR Roosevelt 11:42.99
7 Buckley, Sara SR Roosevelt 11:44.42
8 Spence, Samantha FR Harding 11:51.92
9 Rivas, Hannah SO Roosevelt 12:23.24
10 Velasquez, Kristen JR Arthur 12:28.25
11 Fuentes, Christi SR Wilson 13:31.42
12 Tillman, Ally JR Wilson 13:32.22

Entries are sorted by seed time/mark, and printed in a <table> with classes .performance-list-table .table .table-striped .table-bordered .table-condensedFor information on the last four classes, see the Bootstrap Docs. The structure of a performance list table is detailed below:

<table class="performance-list-table table table-striped table-bordered table-condensed">
      <th class="row-num"></th>
      <th class="athlete">Athlete</th>
      <th class="year">Yr.</th>
      <th class="team">Team</th>
      <th class="seed">Seed</th>
      <td class="row-num">...</td>
	  <td class="athlete">...</td>
	  <td class="year">...</td>
	  <td class="team">...</td>
	  <td class="seed">...</td>

The table cells are specified with straightforward classes, and are minimally styled with the following defaults:

th.lane, th.comp, th.squad, th.year, th.seed {

td.row-num, td.lane, td.comp, td.squad, td.year {

td.seed {

th.row-num, td.row-num {

th.lane, td.lane, th.year, td.year, th.comp, td.comp {

th.squad, td.squad {

th.seed, td.seed {