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Women's 400 Meters Entries

The event header is an <h3> element specified with the .event-results-hdr class.
If a custom name was specified for the event, it will be displayed. Otherwise the header will be formatted as [Gender] [Distance] ([Division {if specified}]) Entries

.event-results-hdr, .entries-hdr, .event-start-list-hdr, .event-performance-list-hdr {
    text-transform: uppercase;
# Athlete Yr. Team Note
1 106 Bentley, Rebecca SR Wilson Wilson Memorial 4/6/15
2 87 Buck, Sephora SO Roosevelt Wilson Memorial 4/6/15
3 83 Charles, Taylor JR Fillmore Harding Invitational 4/5/15
4 100 Conway, Amira JR Hayes Hayes Tri Meet 4/12/15
5 96 Glenn, Sora FR Pierce Hayes Tri Meet 4/12/15
6 9 Hull, Colleen SR Arthur Wilson Memorial 4/6/15
7 81 Mccall, Amanda SR Garfield Hayes Tri Meet 4/12/15
8 86 Mcknight, Olivia SO Roosevelt Harding Invitational 4/5/15
9 99 Mcneil, Morgan JR Harding Harding Invitational 4/5/15
10 97 Petersen, Ludy FR Pierce Hayes Tri Meet 4/12/15
11 38 Prince, Ariana FR Hayes Harding Invitational 4/5/15
12 105 Sanford, Cecilia JR Wilson Wilson Memorial 4/6/15
13 292 Serrano, Mary Grace SR Grant Wilson Memorial 4/6/15
14 80 Villarreal, Maeve SR Garfield Hayes Tri Meet 4/12/15
15 98 Yang, Kayla SR Harding Harding Invitational 4/5/15
Total Entries: 15 (0 scratches)

The event entries table shows all entries for an event, regardless of the events status. Entries can be sorted by last name or seed. A total count of entries and scratches will appear at the bottom of each table. By default, seeds are not shown, but the option to display them is available in the Event Entries report filter. Each <table> element has the classes .entries-list-table, .table, .table-striped, .table-bordered, .table-condensed For information on the last four classes, see the Bootstrap Docs. The structure of the event entries table is detailed below:

<table class="entries-list-table table table-striped table-bordered table-condensed">
	  <th class="row-num"></th>
	  <th class="comp">#</th>
	  <th class="athlete">Athlete</th>
	  <th class="year">Yr.</th>
	  <th class="team">Team</th>
      <th class="note">Note</th>
      <td class="row-num">1</td>
	  <td class="comp">...</td>
	  <td class="athlete">...</td>
	  <td class="year">...</td>
      <td class="team">...</td>
	  <td class="note">...</td>

The following default styles are applied:

th.comp, th.year, th.seed {

td.comp, td.year {

td.seed {

th.year, td.year, th.comp, td.comp {

th.seed, td.seed {